Giới thiệu

"Even if it doesn’t smell good, jasmine is still jasmine. Even if he isn’t elegant, a Hanoian is still a Hanoian.”


Across Vietnam, the impression of people from Hanoi being gallant, courtly and elegant is acknowledged widely in literature and music. The swaggering, slightly extravagant and proud Hanoian gentleman does not lower himself for a favor. Money and status do not better honor, intelligence and ethics.


With a mind of preserving the core value of traditional Hanoi and advertising it worldwide, Hanoian Hospitality Group has been born, including 5 boutique hotels & 1 travel agency. Living up with the motto "Authentic hospitality", you can find in every of our property a concept of Hanoian's life, from the décor to our atmostphere. Our young, energetic team has also been well trained to understand & serve a high standard of service while still keeping a Hanoian elegant manner.


Let's leave the worry behind, step inside one of our hotel to enjoy a traditional and authentic service provided by a Hanoian.